Tips for Creating a Beautiful Landscape Using Colored Rocks

The use of colored rocks can make it easier to create a landscape that you and your neighbors will look forward to looking at each day. However, you can’t just buy rocks and then scatter them over your yard. Instead, you have to look at your existing landscape and choose colors that will work well with those items.

Red Rocks Go Well With Green Landscapes

If you have worked to create a lush green yard, you aren’t likely to give that up. The good news is that you can use red rocks to accentuate your yard and make it stand out even more than it already does. These rocks can be crushed into stones or pebbles to make walkways or patios that your kids, friends and pets can use throughout the year.

River Rocks Work Well With Water Features

Do you have a fountain or pond in your yard? If so, river rocks look nice either as part of that feature or laid down around it. Conversely, you can lay them down as part of a desert scene or give the impression that water once covered your yard. Of course, you can use river rocks to cover up any parts of your yard where grass has trouble growing or where you simply want to break up the monotony of your overall landscape. River rocks generally come in grey, but they can be mixed with gold, red or champagne pebbles to create a unique look.

You Can Be As Creative As You’d Like

While red, brown and gold are classic decorative yard rock colors, you aren’t forced to stick to those options. Instead, you can use any color scheme that you like. An installation company that specializes in decorative rock in Las Vegas may be able to provide some insight into what colors work best in your yard.