Choosing a French Travertine Pattern to Complement Your Yard

The French travertine pattern is one of the most sophisticated designs you can choose for your outdoor space. Many people think it’s difficult, but it can be quite easy. The hardest part is choosing the proper pavers for your yard. This will take you through all the considerations so that you can proceed with confidence.

French Travertine Pattern Size

The first thing you must consider is the size of your French pattern. This style of travertine is comprised of a square-like pattern that interlocks that must be appropriately measured. While there is a traditional size, you don’t need to abide by that if you change all the measurements equally.

Choosing a bigger pattern allows you to use larger paving stones and really shows off each stone’s natural beauty. A smaller pattern brings more attention to the pattern itself and how intricate it looks.


When choosing travertine stones, you must consider the color of the pavers in Las Vegas that you choose. Many people pick the same color for their stones, but there’s nothing that says that you must do that. The travertine pattern uses four sizes to create the pattern. If you do decide that different colors look better, then most people choose either two or four colors. Three can be chosen as well, but this tends to be harder to keep track of.

Many people use more vibrant colors for smaller stones. This works as an accent and makes the whole pattern brighter without being too much. At the same time, you can use whatever colors you like.

Stone Texture

The texture is just as important as color. Would you prefer pavers that are smooth, rough, have a tumbled texture or some other finish? Each type of paver creates an entirely different aesthetic and you must consider this when choosing anything for your travertine pattern.