Two Paving Stone Styles That Help Pull Your Yard Together

Trends involving paving stones have become a central aspect for almost every yard in the desert climate of Nevada. The following are a few ways that you can catch onto this trend and improve the look of your home.

Bricks of Any Style

The most popular trend of pavers in Las Vegas usually involves designs that consist almost entirely of brick. The best aspect of this type of paving stone is its relatively cheap price along with its versatility for color options and shaping. While red is a classic color for brick, and the most well-known, they can also come in tan, gray, or even white shades.

In addition, bricks can be laid in tight-knit patterns to form intricate designs that can really make your yard look unique. The bricks are pre-shaped to fit in with each other.

Concrete Flagstones or Cobblestones

Concrete has been a sort of miracle material since its invention and popularization as a reliable construction material. When compared to clay bricks, concrete is more expensive, but also much more durable. While its base color is usually gray, it can be painted to the desired color for your yard. Finally, concrete is first mixed as a liquid and then set to dry, meaning it can be molded easily while it is being prepared.

The moldability of concrete along with its durability when it dries makes it the perfect material for a range of shapes and sizes, which includes cobblestones as well as bricks and flagstones.

Taking Advantage of Your Surroundings

No matter what style of paver you choose, you should always look to your surroundings to really make your yard pop. The key to creating a perfect yard is that it should easily integrate into its setting while showing off a sense of individuality. The rest will all fall together once you achieve that balance.