Create a beautiful view

Photo by Andrew Rollinger

If you have landscape rocks, then you know they need to be cleaned. But how exactly do you clean a bunch of rocks?! It’s not too hard – you just have to break it down and tackle it one step at a time. Here’s the trick in three simple steps:

1. Use a broom with thick bristles to remove any dirt. Wear gloves to prevent your hands from getting blistered or dirty.

2. If your rocks are covered with moss or algae you’d like to remove, try scrubbing with vinegar and a scrub brush.

3. Use a garden hose to wash off the mud. If you’re able to move the rocks someplace where the water and mud will drain away, all the better. If not, try and use the water sparingly – just enough to wash away the mud.

Voila! Your rocks are clean. In the market for landscape rock? Check out!