Creating an Outdoor Reading Nook and Oasis

Your backyard is your oasis away from the world. Back there, you can watch the birds flutter in the sky, can feel the warmth of the sun, and can maybe get lost in one of your favorite books. Yet if your backyard could use a cozier feel for your reading adventures, we’ve got some great ideas for how you can create the perfect outdoor reading nook right in your own backyard.

Cottage Shed

If you’re a lover of the classics, including Emily Bronte and Jane Austen, then creating a reading nook in the form of a cottage shed is the way to go. Your local hardware store as great options for standalone sheds that can be converted into a nook with a little work. Inside, you can add a coat of paint, a comfy sofa, bookshelves, and even portable air conditioner, if you live in a warmer climate. On the outside, go with white siding and some decorative flowers that have a traditional feel.

Hidden Garden

Those lucky enough to have a backyard full of trees can create a hidden garden-themed reading nook. For this idea, think about picking out a shaded spot and then adding outdoor chairs or a couch with matching pillows. You can then fill the space with lots of flowers, either in containers or planted in the ground. Also, add a magical touch by using outdoor string lights to decorate the space.

Seaside Outdoor Reading Nook

A love of the sea can mix with your love books by creating a seaside reading nook. For this nook, all you need is to take inspiration from the sea and build on top of a deck area or next to a water feature. You can use landscape rocks in Las Vegas, seating with lots of beige and blue pillows, and maybe wooden planks for flooring. From there, add some seaside accessories, like seashells and rope-accented outdoor lights.