When you think about installing a paver design on your patio or other space, you may have a grand vision of an elaborate landscaping design. Creating your design is easy to do when you follow a few steps.

Steps to Create an Eye-Catching Paver Design

Pavers are one of the more affordable, functional and decorative materials that you can work with when creating a patio, pathway or other type of hardscape feature on your property. Pavers in Las Vegas area homes may be laid in an intricate pattern to create a stunning visual effect in your space, but creating this pattern takes time and effort.

Choose Your Materials

The first step to take when creating an eye-catching paver design for your landscaping project is to carefully choose your materials. Think about how color combinations and shapes can be combined to create a gorgeous effect. You may even research different paver design projects before selecting your materials so that you have a better understanding of the design possibilities available with the use of pavers.

Measure Your Space

Before you make your purchase, measure your space as well as the dimensions of your pavers. This is a critical step because it will help you to better draft your design. Keep in mind that having some flexibility with the dimensions may make it easier for you to draft your design, so consider having a minimum and maximum amount of space that you can use rather than a finite amount of space.

Draft a Design

Finally, select a pattern that you want to use with the pavers, and draft one image of that pattern onto graph paper. Then, repeat the pattern to match the dimensions of your space. By taking this step, you will have a final draft of your landscaping design project, and you can use your draft to create your paver project or to give to your landscaping installation team.