For years, home and business owners alike have been using paving stones or pavers to craft durable and eye-catching patios and walkways. Before laying down a single stone, it’s important to consider at least two key factors that will ensure a beautiful finished product.

Picking the Right Pavers for Your Patio or Walkway

Without a doubt, paving stones are the easiest way to create a stunning patio or walkway that compliments any Las Vegas property. They’re fairly inexpensive, durable and come in an array of colors, textures and densities to meet the requirements of any project. Implementing a superior paver-based patio or walkway is another matter entirely. Carefully consider the following before you commit to any blueprints.

Materials and Color Scheme

The first paver decision that must be made regards composition. Pavers can be square, rectangular or even oval if desired. They can be made of cut rock like granite or limestone, poured concrete or plain old brick. Colors range from white to dark grey to red and everything in between. Obviously, it’s best to pick a material and a color that jives with your existing home decor and ground conditions.

Installation Pattern

Pavers can be laid down in a variety of ways depending on the feel that you’d like to achieve. A standard grid pattern might seem boring but can actually look amazing when done with blocks that are appropriately shaped. Other popular patterns include herringbone, running bond and basket weave to name just a few. Sketch out how a particular pattern would look when paired with your existing layout to make a wise long-term decision.

Getting the Best Results with Pavers

Making the perfect patio or walkway using pavers seems easy but entails a lot of forethought and experience to guide decisions along the way. Mercifully, there are plenty of professional hardscapers that know how to employ pavers in Las Vegas in a way that’s both smart and attractive. Finding the right partner to assist you through the process will ensure that you’re happy with the outcome.