Flagstone is an optimal choice for driveways as it is low maintenance and long lasting. It complements homes with stone sidings, rock gardens, or wooden features.

Inspiring Ideas for Decorating Driveways and Patios With Flagstone

Flagstone has been widely used with driveways and patios for years, because it is quick to install, affordable and lasts for a very long time. It holds up under weather much better than paved and concrete driveways, ensuring that it looks beautiful even ten years after it is put into place. There are plenty of ways to add even more beauty to the driveway and patio even after the flagstone is put down, as well!

Acquiring the Right Flagstone for the Driveway and Patio

With the different colors and varieties of flagstone available, the homeowner will have to choose between them to select a stone that matches his or her home’s color, landscaping, and lawn decor. After finding the perfect flagstones in Las Vegas to purchase for the driveway, the homeowner should contact a professional to install it. The homeowner can also choose to do it with a bit of research, time, and hard work as a DIY project. Once the stones have set, the fun can begin. For the driveway, a rock wall can be placed along the edges to act as a small decorative barrier. Or, the homeowner could go with low growing, creeping ground cover to enhance the natural look of the stone.

Decorative Patios Ideas

Flagstone also produces beautiful sidewalks and patios. It can be decorated with a beautiful wood burning pizza oven, a rustic wooden patio set, a nearby water fountain, and a towering artistic terra-cotta pot creation that is filled with luscious vines that tumble to the ground. Flagstone offers homeowners a beautiful, natural option that offers modern convenience in the form of level, vegetation free flooring.

Beautiful Walkways

Having a winding walkway through a beautiful garden can take off the edge after a long work day; using flagstone makes it feel much more natural, versus a standard concrete sidewalk. As the walkway winds through the fragrant summer blooms under the warm sun and shady, cool tree branches, one can find themselves on an adventure to a beautiful, secluded bench to read his or her favorite classical book.



Check out this Pavestone Patio Stone Installation video from The Pavestone Company.