A large, natural boulder provides a focal point for your property or yard. These ideas will help you to make the most of the boulders that you have delivered to your residential or business property.

Three Ways to Use a Large, Natural Boulder for Landscaping

The use of boulders as a landscaping feature has been around for a long time. All around the world, different types of boulders are used to mark ownership and to show who lives in the home. When you select boulders in Las Vegas, consider these fun ways on how to use it.

Painted Rocks

If you or the other members of your home or office are artistic, consider using the boulder as a canvas for painting. Many prominent universities, including Northwestern University, have a large rock that gets painted over and over on a daily basis. The painted rock can showcase an artist’s skills or promote a worthy cause.

Marking Your Location

Another great use for a large boulder is to use it to mark your home’s or building’s location. The boulder can be drilled into with a specialty drill bit. Once there is a hole, you will be able to fasten brass numbers or a plaque with the street number. You could also use the boulder to hang a plaque with your family name or the name of your organization. Be sure to seal the opening where the rock was drilled into so that no moisture can make its way in and damage the fastener.

Forming a Wall

If you choose to have many boulders delivered to your property or backyard, you could have them arranged into a wall. This new wall could have smaller rocks and pebbles alongside of it and be turned into a rock garden. Another fun option for a collection of boulders is to arrange them in a circle and use them as a place to have a campfire. During the warmer months of the year, a campfire is a great place to roast marshmallows and gather with your friends and family to enjoy great food and conversations.