Spending time in an appealing backyard is a relaxing way to spend the summertime. Here are some decorating ideas to get you started for a festive vacation at home or gathering with your neighbors, friends or family.

Fun Backyard Decorations for Summertime Celebrations

When you’re planning to stay home for the summer holidays, creating a festive look to the outside of your home adds to the festivities. Backyard decorations that complement the holiday or theme of your event get everyone in the mood to celebrate. Even if you’re just gathering as a family, here are some fun ideas to spruce up your backyard.

Colorful Lights

One of the best parts about backyard holiday celebrations is that you can stay out as late as you want to. With colorful strings of lights around your patio, deck or pergola, your backyard will sparkle well into the night. Choose basic outdoor lights, or get a little fancier with star-shaped lights or patriotic colors that coordinate with your other backyard decorations. You could also use colored spotlights placed in your landscape rocks in Las Vegas.

Vibrant Plants and Floral Arrangements as Backyard Decorations

Vibrant greenery and floral arrangements add a beautiful touch to every celebration, especially a backyard party for summer holidays. You could choose blossoms in red, white and blue for Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day. Some pretty and sweet-smelling options include red carnations, roses or Gerbera daisies. For white, consider calla lilies, daisies or petunias. Add blue with hydrangeas, cornflowers or irises.

Bandana Bunting and Banner

A vivid tablecloth and centerpiece are excellent additions for your backyard dining experience, and a colorful bunting around the table will bring your backyard decorations all together. A quick and easy bandana bunting adds color and a bit of rustic, Western touch. You could also string a banner with red, white and blue bandanas across your gazebo, deck railing or fence. Folding the square bandanas in half creates a triangle, which easily fits over the twine or rope for stringing across elevated areas.