Ants that build beds near pavers can harm residents and guests who stand still while wearing flip-flops or sandals. Although these ants typically hide underneath the material, there are easy ways to pinpoint and to eliminate these insects.

Simple Methods of Eliminating Pavement Ants

Pavement ants always build their homes near pavers, and they scatter when the foundation around their nests is disturbed. In order to get rid of these bugs before they bite people on your property, you must understand the behavior patterns and how to spot colonies and trails. This information will help you implement proper treatment procedures based on your specific pest situation.

Move the Food

When pavement ants invade a landscape, they usually travel to areas that have a reliable food source. These bugs like to eat grease, honeydews, pet foods, and small insects as they build nests around pavers. In most cases, you may be able to spot these bugs while they harvest food because they always move slowly by taking steps in small motions. The best time to scout an area for pavement ants is during the night; during this time, the trials are easier to pinpoint on a landscape.

Place Some Bait

Once you’ve found the trails that the ants use to harvest food, you can begin placing bait in these locations. If possible, try to put the bait in spots where the ants visit frequently; any zone that has loose soil is a prime area for bait.

Use a Spray

If you only need to get rid of a few ants around pavers in Las Vegas, consider using a non-repellent spray. This product isn’t very strong, but it can resolve a pest problem by scattering a colony. In a major infestation situation, baiting is the better option because the pesticides are more reliable.