Learn how to stay safe when using a heat source on your patio during the winter months of the year, and discover what you need to do in order to prevent any spills from freezing over on a cold night.

Three Ways to Keep Your Patio Safe During Cool Weather

Patios made from pavers in Las Vegas make for a beautiful outdoor living space. Because of the Las Vegas climate, you can use the patio even during the wintertime. If you enjoy the patio on a chilly day, be sure to take these safety precautions, especially if you use a heat source or spill any liquids on the patio.

Be Careful With Portable Heaters

If you use a portable heater on your patio during the cool evenings during the winter months of the year, take extra precautions to be safe. An electric heater’s cord could become damaged if the legs of patio chairs or tables are placed on top of it. A sudden gust of wind could knock over a propane heater. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions when using a heater to stay warm on your patio.

Extinguish Fires

If you use a fire pit, portable chimney or another enclosed device to make a small fire for warmth, be sure to extinguish it before going indoors or leaving your home. It is also important to watch what you put into a fire pit that is located on your patio. Avoid the use of accelerators such as lighter fluid. Keep the pit away or portable chimney from your home in case of sparks.

Dry Any Spills

Although temperatures only rarely drop below freezing in Las Vegas, it does happen once or twice each winter. If you were using your patio during the day and any liquids spilled, be sure to dry up the spills. Water and other liquids could freeze overnight, creating a slippery spot on the pavers. If any flammable liquids, such as lighter fluid or propane spill, soak them up with kitty litter, wash the area and pat it dry with clean rags.