Three Ways to Keep Your Paver Patio Cool This Summer

A paver patio is an ideal way to expand your living space. Unfortunately, pavers absorb a lot of heat. You could have them painted, which will reduce the amount of heat they absorb. In addition to having the installers paint the pavers in Las Vegas, you can try these tips for keeping your paver patio cool during the summer months of the year.

Install an Awning

A permanent or retractable awning is a good way to add shade to your backyard. The shade provided by the awning will also help keep the pavers cool to the touch. Awnings attach to the side of your home or garage. They are made of durable materials that can withstand the rare downpour and the intense sunlight in Las Vegas.

Try a Portable Evaporative Cooler

A portable evaporative cooler, which is also called a swamp cooler, is another way to stay cool this summer while on your stone paver patio. These coolers use a combination of a fine mist of water and a fan to blow the mist. The water droplets keep your body cool. They also cool the pavers. This could be combined with an awning or patio umbrellas for optimal results.

Set up a Pergola or Umbrella

A pergola is a permanent structure. They are shaped like the letter “H” and include two vertical sides and a top piece. You can grow plants up the sides of the pergola. The leaves of the plants produce shade. This shade will cool the pavers. You could also purchase an oversized patio umbrella. These umbrellas typically mount into the center of a patio table. You can extend them during the time that you are outdoors and fold them just before you go back into your home for the day.