If you have a child who is homeschooled, then you understand the difficulty in finding new and educational activities within the home. One of the best places within your property that you can take advantage of is the backyard. Read on to learn about all the possibilities your backyard has to offer.

Homeschooling and Backyard Learning Opportunities

When It comes to keeping things fresh as well as improve on your teaching, a home’s backyard is the perfect spot for homeschooling to go to the next level. There is simply a plethora of learning opportunities within the backyard space and something you should definitely take advantage of. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few of the top activities you can start doing with your child today.


You might be thinking, how can you teach history from something in your backyard? You don’t the Pyramids or an ancient cathedral sitting outside. You may be surprised at just how many things within your backyard actually do pertain to history. For example, if your yard has a cobblestone or brick pathway, you may be able to explain how this early form of construction was used by the ancient Greeks to connect cities. If you need additional information on the paving process, you may seek the services of a pavers Las Vegas company to learn more about the actual process.

Homeschooling Biology

Biology is quite simply the easiest and most giving of subjects you can teach from your backyard. Because each season provides a different type of condition, so will the variety of animals and plant species that come out. You may use this time to teach about the process that caterpillars go through to become butterflies. You may also use water samples from puddles to examine all the microscopic critters that live within it.

More Science

Science can be amazing to do, but it can also be very messy and space consuming. So, what type of experiments can you conduct within your backyard? Some great experiments to try out with your homeschooled student may include planting flowers within different types of soil to see how each flower blooms. Another fun one includes dropping different types of objects to visually demonstrate the concept of gravity.