Best Plants to Line Rock Walkways With

The focus of a landscaping job is often on the plants, and that’s okay. However, during this time, homeowners often neglect the rock pathway leading to the plants. This leaves it looking plain. A great way to fix this issue is to line your rock walkways with plants. But which ones can you add? The following list includes some of the top plants you should seriously take into consideration.

Big Blue Lilyturf

One of the most commonly chosen plants by homeowners is the Big blue lilyturf. This plant sports long green leaves with small clumps of long lavender or white tuberous flowers. These bloom in late summer and can last all the way till fall. A common reason for the additions of these types of plants is that they are very durable and thus can withstand direct sunlight.

Line Your Rock Walkways with Hostas

If you don’t want the walkway plants to be the center of attention but still want something to line your rock walkway, then Hostas are your best bet. These plants bloom into beautiful foliage. The leaves of Hostas are mostly green, thus providing you with an amazing visual rather than being the focus. You can buy turf in Las Vegas to expand away from the plant in order to have a more uniform design. Lastly, the plant is a highly requested choice because of its low maintenance. All you need is to plant them in rich soil that is often moist.

Heart-leaved Bergenia

This plant is a beautiful perennial type plant that blooms within early spring. The flower is an incredible reddish-purple color coming out of a red plant stem. These can be planted in direct sunlight but can be a little sensitive to the afternoon sun.