Heavy rain can shift rocks that are neatly organized on a property. In order to keep everything properly aligned, specific procedures must be implemented during the designed phase.

Easy Ways to Keep Rocks in Place During a Rainstorm

The process of maintaining an ideal landscaping that has curb appeal can be challenging in a neighborhood that gets frequent storms. As water moves into the area, the currents can push landscape rocks away if they’re light enough. In order to stop movement throughout a rainstorm, a homeowner must pick a proper spot for the rocks, surrounding the area with strategic accessories, and use beneficial mulching techniques.

Choose a Strategic Spot

When selecting a spot for your rocks, ensure that the area gets a lot of shade, as wind and rain usually impact locations on a property that don’t have shade. However, if this isn’t an option, you can arrange your rocks in an open area if you can access heavy-duty mulch; the weight of this product will keep the rain away through severe weather events. You shouldn’t use pine, grass, or straw in an open spot since each of these mulch options will float if flooding occurs on a landscape.

Use Helpful Accessories

All areas that get plenty of weeds should be covered with a high-quality newspaper or some kind of material that’s use for crafting. If your community receives a lot of rainfall, you may want to cut drainage holes into the material that you’ll use as a covering.

Implement Edging Procedures

Any rocks that are placed around trees should have mulch that’s arranged strategically so that the pieces are thicker along the edge. This approach will stop the mulch from floating off the landscape during a heavy rainstorm. The area that surrounds the mulch must have a trench that’s 4 to 6 inches wide.