Easy Ways to Prevent and Eliminate Weed Growth

When weeds grow around pavers, a property’s curb appeal drops dramatically. However, by following a few steps, you can keep your pavers and decorative rock in Las Vegas neat and tidy throughout the growing season.

Understand the Weed Growth Process

In order to manage the area around your pavers properly, you must fully understand how weeds grow. The wild grass that sprouts around pavers doesn’t grow from the bottom of the soil. Instead, the weeds begin to grow shortly after sand drifts away. Once the sand is gone, seedlings rest on top of the soil and slowly move into the narrow spots between the pavers.

Because weed growth happens rapidly, key steps must be taken before pavers are installed. If the pavers are mounted into place properly, large weeds will less likely grow in the seams. The material is also important because durable pavers can stop rapid growth by blocking moisture and sunlight.

Strategic Installation Considerations

Weeds always grow in cool environments, so you may want to invest in landscaping tools that can improve drainage. You’ll never have to deal with a ton of weeds if you build a slope that drains water from your pathway or patio.

By sweeping your pavers regularly, you’ll remove most of the seedlings that can drop on the soil between your pavers. If the bristles on the broom are long, aggressive sweeping can prevent new weeds from establishing between the pavers.

Elimination Strategies

After large weeds are grown around the joints, you may not be able to remove all of the stems with a pressure washer. In this situation, you’ll get better results by carefully pulling each individual weed manually.

If weeds have grown in a spot that’s difficult to access, you can eliminate them quite easily with a high-powered pressure washer. The water jet will destroy every rooting zone and all of the jointing sand. Once the surfaces between the pavers are dry, grab a proper landscaping tool and replace the sand.