If it seems like the weeds grow faster than the plants you want in your backyard, then it is probably true. These techniques can help you get rid of the weeds that are trying to grow around the rocks that you have used as a part of your landscaping.

Three Ways to Prevent Weeds from Growing in Your Landscaping

When you put so much of your time and energy into your backyard, the last thing you want to see when you look out the window is weeds growing in your beautiful landscape rocks. Instead of pouring harsh herbicides into your landscaping or spending hours every day digging out the weeds by hand, you can use these time and cost-effective strategies to keep weeds at bay.

Landscaping Fabric

Landscaping fabric comes in large rolls in various widths. It can be cut to size with a pair of utility scissors. Before having your landscaping rocks installed, you can roll out the fabric to cover the area where the rocks will be located. The tight weave of the fabric prevents weeds from sprouting and growing up through the rocks. If it does rain, the fabric’s pores can accommodate the water without difficulty.

Plastic Sheeting

Before the landscaping rocks are installed in your backyard, you can spread out plastic sheeting over the area. This should be done for a period of at least two weeks. Any seeds from weeds will be inactivated by the heat of the sun shining through the plastic. Any existing weeds will die off. When you are ready for the landscaping rocks to be installed, just pull the sheeting off the ground.

Crushed Stones

Another strategy that you can employ for keeping weeds out of your landscaping rocks is to have a layer of crushed stone and sand spread across the area where the larger rocks will be placed. The sand and crushed stone will not allow weeds to take hold. The bigger and prettier landscaping rocks will cover up the less attractive sand. Add some borax to the sand as an additional prevention strategy against weed growth.