Tips on How to Keep Your Gravel Garden Looking Good

Small rocks like gravel or river rock can add a unique touch to your landscaping. Las Vegas rocks can also combat the heat and create adequate drainage throughout your property. While the material is a relatively low-maintenance product, there are some things that you should do to keep it in good condition.

Pull Weeds and Remove Leaves

Even with a weed barrier, nature can find a way to peek through your rock and gravel bed. Weeds can spread rapidly if they’re not taken care of in a timely manner. Not only that, but they can attract unwanted pests and create mold issues. It’s important to get rid of any vegetation that appears as soon as possible. The same goes for fallen leaves from a nearby plant. A high-powered leaf blower is a good way to get rid of loose debris without causing too much disturbance to the rocks.

Smooth Rough Patches

A key part of rock garden maintenance is to make sure that the material is distributed evenly. Small stones can move over time due to heavy winds. They’re also moved if you walk on them regularly. This can lead to bald spots that expose the ground underneath. You can use a rake to make things even. Alternatively, you can invest in a top-off. Adding some extra gravel will make up for pieces that get lost over time.

Install a Decorative Border

A decorative border around the perimeter of your gravel border will keep the stone in place. Gravel and river rocks are notorious for finding its way across your yard. A provider of decorative rock in Las Vegas can install an attractive stone border out of bricks or larger pieces to keep everything contained in one place. This extra investment can make maintenance easier in the long run. By following these simple tips, the hard landscaping in your yard will look great for years to come.