Tips for Maintaining Pavers

There are many good reasons to add paving stones to your home’s exterior. For instance, they could be used to create walkways for your children or pets to follow when making their way inside after playing. They can also be used to create patios or other spaces to entertain friends or family members outdoors. However, as with any other product, it is essential that you take steps to maintain them properly.

Hose Down Your Pavers Regularly

The use of a hose or power washer can keep dirt, pollen, and dust off your pavers. It can also keep sticks, grass or other debris from piling up on them. By keeping these stones clean, it minimizes that amount of material that you and others track indoors after spending time outside. It also reduces the chance that the pavers will start to crack or otherwise show signs of damage.

Fill Gaps Between the Stones Themselves

The use of sand or similar materials can help to fill in the gaps between the paving stones themselves. This can prevent weeds or grass from growing in those gaps, and it can also help to keep the stones in place. After the filler material has been laid down, you simply hose down the pavers or wait for it to rain. The moisture will harden the sand, and there is generally no need for future maintenance.

Choose the Hardiest Paving Stones Available

When it comes time to buy pavers in Las Vegas, you should look at the products offered by several different companies. This can make it possible to find the highest quality product at the best price. You should also inquire about any warranties or other guarantees that may exist. A guarantee can ensure that you don’t have to pay twice for defective stones or other issues that you may encounter with them.