Tips for Decorating Your Boulders for the Upcoming Holiday Season

If you live in a neighborhood where each house gets festive for different holidays, consider using boulders in Las Vegas to your advantage. Instead of simply putting some lights on your house or tying a ribbon around your mail box, get creative and bedeck your boulder with yard decorations. These tips will help you to make an innovative look for your front yard.

Work With the Shape of the Rock

Work with the shape of the rock to decide how to decorate it with holiday decor. If your rock is triangular in shape with a wider bottom and a thinner top, you could decorate it as a piece of candy corn for Halloween or a Christmas tree for Christmas. If the boulder is rather round, it could be decorated with a wreath, Christmas ornament or a snowman. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, a round or square shaped boulder would be fun decorated like a turkey. An irregularly shaped boulder could be decorated as a ghost, candy cane or anything else you might imagine.

Use Decorations That Don’t Leave Lasting Marks

Since your rock will not be decorated most of the time, be sure to use adhesives that do not leave a lasting mark. Putty is a good choice because it sticks to the boulder and the decoration through static rather than a chemical bond. Another good option is a design that is drawn onto the rock with sidewalk chalk. When the holiday is over, you can wash the rock off with gray water or your garden hose.

Choose Environmentally Friendly Products for Decorating

Be sure to choose environmentally friendly products for outdoor decorating. Avoid any thin strips of plastic that birds might try to eat. Do not use any items that might leach out in the heat of the desert sun. Firmly attach any items to the rock so they do not blow off and cause any pollution to local waterways.