Learn about some strategies that you can take to keep your backyard paver patio cool to the touch, especially if you like to walk on it barefoot during the summertime.

Three Strategies for Keeping Your Patio Stones Cool in Summer

If your back yard gets direct sunlight, your pavers in Las Vegas can get quite hot. When you want to walk around barefoot when outdoors, keeping the pavers as cool as possible is important. These tips can help you to reduce heat absorption in your patio’s paving stones.

Stone Choices

When having your patio installed, consider stones that are light in color. The lighter the color, the more of the sun’s heat and light energy the stones will reflect. Instead of absorbing the sun’s radiant heat, they will reflect it back into the air. There can be a 30 degrees Fahrenheit difference between stepping on a sandy colored stone compared with a dark brown or even black paver.

Reflective Coatings

Another way to help keep your patio cooler to the touch is to have the installers apply a reflective coating. These coatings have a clear finish that looks shiny. The stones will almost look as if they are wet. These types of coatings help the stones to reflect more of the sun’s infrared energy. As an added bonus, such reflective coatings also help to seal the stones and protect them from chips, etching, scratches and greasy or oily stains.


Adding shade to your backyard is another way to help keep your patio cool. Depending on the location of your patio, your house may provide some shade. You can consider installing a retractable awning that can be extended over the patio when you want to go outside. Patio table umbrellas also help to add shade. Even though trees tend to be slow-growing, the Las Vegas area can support many fruit trees, including Meyer lemon, apricot, plum, apple and pear trees. A trellis with vines growing on it can also be set up to provide shade to areas of your stone patio.