Using decorative rocks with your landscaping design project is a wonderful way to add beauty and style to your space. These helpful tips can make your project design more affordable.

Tips to Make Your Decorative Rock Project More Affordable

Decorative rock in Las Vegas yards can add a stunning dimension to your landscaping design, but it also can cost a small fortune to import the rocks to your space. This is particularly true if you have a larger yard or plan to use higher-end rocks with your project. There are a few tips that will help you to save money while selecting the decorative rocks that you want for your space.

Mix and Match Rocks

When the rocks that you have your eye on are priced on the higher end, you may think that you need to forsake that aspect of your project altogether, but this is not the case. You can easily mix and match rocks, such as combining pea gravel with river rocks or flagstones, to create the beautiful look that you want. In fact, mixing and matching can add a new dimension to your space as well, enhancing the beauty of your design.

Add Vegetation to Your Design

Another idea is to add vegetation to your design. Rather than have a large area filled with rocks, pavers and other hardscaping elements, you can incorporate flowerbeds into the space to take up some of that space. This will give your design a softer look as well.

Find the Best Prices

A final step that you can follow when you want to save money on your decorative rocks is to look for the best prices. You may be set on having a certain type of rock in your space, but one that looks very similar to it may be priced more affordably. Take time to explore all of the options before you make your final buying decision.