Adding rocks to a garden is a great way to take your area to the next level. However, painting these rocks can add even more curbside appeal to your home.

Decorating Your Garden With Painted Rocks

Adding rocks is a great way to give a little depth to your garden. If you want to take it to the next level, you will need to add a little personal touch to these rocks. After finding decorative rocks in Las Vegas, here’s how you can paint them to better fit your personality. This will add to the curbside appeal of your home and make it stand out from other homes on your block.

Cleaning Your Rocks

Before you can begin painting, you need to clean your rocks. Mix 1/2 cup of laundry soap in with a gallon of water. Try putting this solution in a metal tub and placing it outside to make washing the rocks easier. Next, put the rocks in this soapy solution for a few hours to loosen up any dirt that’s on them. Then, scrub them with a brush to remove stubborn dirt. This will make the paint stick to the rocks easier.

Paint Your Rocks

Now that your rocks are clean, it’s time to start painting them. Try using an acrylic-based paint because it’s more durable than other paint formulas and should stand up to the harsh outside weather. Now it’s time to let your personality shine. You can paint the rocks in earth tones such as terra cotta or you can be creative and paint them bright pastels. Keep in mind that it might take multiple coats to get the colors that you want.

Sealant and Placement

Once your rocks dry, spray them with a sealant to prevent the paint from fading. Once the sealant is dry, you can than arrange them in your garden in any way you see fit. Try arranging them to create a symmetrical feel around the garden, but remember to keep your painted rocks up front so that others can see them easily.