Investing in flagstone paving made with a softer stone doesn’t have to leave you with a worn patio or pathway. Prevent damage with these simple tips.

Preventing Chips and Flaking in Soft Flagstones

There are some very hard stones, such as quartzite, used for flagstones that are nearly impervious to damage. However, these varieties of stone are very limited in their appearance and come with a high cost. Most homeowners choose a softer stone like sandstone for the wider range of colors and reduced heat absorption, but this leaves them more susceptible to problems like chipping and flaking. Keep your soft stone flagstones looking like new with these tips to prevent damage.

Removing Loose Materials

Start by knocking loose any chips and flakes that are still partially attached but loose enough to work free with a little force. Don’t remove anything still attached, just focus on the bits and pieces around crumbling edges. Use a polishing tool with a soft pad to loosen even the tiniest chunks of dust and stone, then rinse off the surface to remove lingering particles from the flaking flagstone.

Cleaning and Sealing

It’s essential to thoroughly seal a soft stone like sandstone to keep moisture from soaking into its surface and loosening the bonds between the layers. You can’t apply a sealant until the stone is sparkling clean, so use a stiff bristled brush and an approved cleaner to scrub away any dirt and debris that has built up over the years. Apply the sealant only after your flagstones in Las Vegas are completely dry again.

Preventing Chemical Exposure patio ideas

Aside from normal wear and tear and moisture issues, soft rock like sandstone tends to flake due to chemical exposure. Most people experience flagstone flaking around a pool since the chlorine and other chemicals are very hard on the stone. You may need to apply sealant every few months just on these areas or use a thicker product for extra protection. It’s best to install flagstone paving made from the toughest stone available around the water’s edge and save the softer stones for less challenging areas.

Las Vegas Rocks

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Updated 4/5/21