Updated 5/28/21

A well-tended lawn can be beautiful, but also requires a lot of work. You have to water, fertilize, cut, trim, and weed. If you live in a drought-prone area, like Las Vegas, even the most vigilant maintenance might not be enough to keep your lawn lush and green. Homeowners are turning to landscaping in order to save time, water, and stress that can come with managing a green lawn in a dry environment. If you are looking to turn your own rocky landscaping into a lush green haven, there are some essential steps to know before starting the process.

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1. Get Rid Of Your Grass

The first step in transforming your yard is to remove the grass, but don’t get out the shovels just yet. The easiest way to kill your grass is to wrap your lawn in black plastic, so use garbage bags weighed down with rocks for a cheap solution. You’ll want to keep the lawn sealed off for at least two weeks.

After you remove the plastic, dig out the dead grass. You’ll want to use a square-headed shovel to slice off the grass and roots. Use the shovel to make incisions into the grass, soil every couple feet and remove the excess chunks. You can compost the dead grass, but do not use as mulch immediately. Remaining seeds in the dead grass could sprout in your flower-beds.

2. Clean The Yard

The next step is to rake your area clear. Be sure to smooth out the soil and remove large rocks or other debris.

3. Lay Landscape Fabric patio ideas

Landscaping fabric will allow moisture to pass through, while preventing the growth of weeds. You’ll want to lay this fabric over the entire surface you plan to landscape. Cut holes in the fabric if you will be planting between landscaping rocks.

4. Frame Out An Edge

You’ll want to edge the area with bricks, pavers, wood or vinyl edging, which will keep your landscaping rocks in place. You can place bricks or pavers directly on your layer of landscape fabric, but vinyl edging may require more installation steps.

5. It’s Time To Rock

Now you’re ready to fill your area with rocks. You can dump small rocks by the bucketful or use a wheelbarrow to distribute them over a large area. It pays to be meticulous laying these rocks because they will essentially stay in place until you remove them. Use a garden rake to smooth out an even layer of rocks.

Another tip: Be sure to include some relaxed seating in your new landscaping design. Now that you’ve replaced your yellow lawn with landscaping rocks, you’ll have a lot more time to relax and enjoy your yard.

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