How to Save Energy and Reduce Your Bills With Shade

If you have a green thumb and are looking to save energy on your monthly bills, shade landscaping is a great way to go. You can create a beautiful outdoor oasis your entire family will enjoy and save money at the same time. Here are some ways shade landscaping can accomplish your energy goals.

Save Energy and Create Beauty

Shade landscaping serves more than one benefit. It can lower energy needs in your household as you are likely to use your air conditioning less than you would otherwise use it as your home stays cooler in the summer. You can also save money on your energy bills while you and your family enjoy better comfort. Your landscaping can also raise the value of your property by adding curb appeal.

Plants for Your Landscaping Goals

There are many plants you can choose for your landscaping goals, especially when you’re looking to save energy. Trees are the best options as they can help create more shade around your home. If your goal is specifically to lower your energy bills by reducing the costs of your air conditioning, you can use the guidelines detailed below.

Shading by Your AC

To make your shade landscaping successful, you will want to plant trees by your air conditioner. When your AC is in shade, you can save as much as 10 percent on electricity and lower your energy bills.

You can take things a few steps further by concentrating your planting efforts in areas that face the east, west and northwest of your home. When you focus your planting there, you can find that your energy bills are reduced by as much as 35 percent. Consider deciduous trees on quality artificial grass Las Vegas has when you shop for your gardening needs.

When you use these tips for shade landscaping, you will save energy and your family will feel more comfortable all around.