Flagstone purchases can add up fast, but with a little preparation and patience, you can make your next flagstone purchase much more affordable.

Four Tips for Saving on Your Next Flagstone Purchase

Flagstones in Las Vegas are a popular landscaping option because they are beautiful, are highly customizable in terms of layouts and provide an aesthetic that complements the region well. Flagstones can be expensive, which can make large purchases difficult, but there are opportunities for homeowners to minimize those costs and make them fit their landscaping budgets better.

Flagstone Prices Fluctuate

When you request a flagstone quote, you’ll notice that you tend to get a price range per square foot. The exact price is generally only available close to the date of purchase. The reason for this is that flagstone prices fluctuate. The factors that cause this include local availability and transportation costs. A large shipment into your area can forces prices down considerably. An option you have if you’re patient is to set a target a price, and then wait until the flagstone you want hits that mark.

Flagstone Delivery Has Hidden Value

A common area where homeowners seek to save is by picking the flagstone order up themselves and thereby eliminating delivery costs. It’s important to point out that if the company installing is performing the delivery, they usually provide that service at no cost or at a reduced cost. In addition, professional delivery has the added value of protecting you from flagstones that break during transportation.

Bulk Purchases Provide the Best Discounts

The best prices for flagstone are available through bulk purchases. Ideally, you want to time it so that you can afford your entire purchase when the price per square foot reaches your target. Some homeowners seek to save by buying the flagstone independent of the installer, but keep in mind that installers often get large bulk discounts due to multi-client purchases that they pass on to customers.

You Can Use Cheaper Stones to Great Effect

Finally, consider using less expensive alternatives to flagstone to complete your project. One way you can do this is to plan you paths and areas, identify where the focal points and traffic areas are, and then limit the costlier stones to just those crucial spots.