Learn about the actions that you can take in order to prevent grass and weeds from growing in the spaces between separate paving stones in your backyard paver patio.

Three Ways to Eliminate Weeds from Your Backyard Paver Patio

A backyard paver patio is a great way to enjoy time outdoors. You can use the patio for your outdoor furniture and many other activities. However, weeds that start growing between the paving stones can cause the pavers to shift out of place and to look unattractive. You can stop grass and weeds from growing on your pavers in Las Vegas with these simple actions.

How Weeds Grow in Paver Joints

With a properly installed paver patio, there is a base of crushed stone and sand that extends 5 to 7 inches below the paving stones. At this depth, there is no way for a weed to grow from underneath the pavers. The only way that a weed or grass can start growing on a paver patio is if the joints are far enough apart for a seed to land in the space and then germinate. The best way to prevent this from happening is to minimize the space between each paving stone.

Power Washing

Over time, the sand filling the paver joints may blow or wash away. Dirt and other organic debris then settles in its place. Seeds can then use this makeshift soil for growth. A power washer can get rid of the organic buildup. The voids can then be refilled with sand to the top level of the paver stones.

Polymeric Sand and Sealants

Polymeric sand is a newer product that looks and feels like sand. When the sand is exposed to air, it polymerizes. The polymerized sand forms an impenetrable barrier that seeds cannot infiltrate. You can also work with your patio maintenance technicians to have the patio sealed. Old-fashioned hand pulling of weeds and use of herbicides or natural weed killers such as a 50 percent vinegar solution can also help to get rid of weeds growing in the joints of your backyard paver patio.