How to Use Gravel in Your Landscaping Design

Using gravel to enhance your existing landscape is a brilliant way to maximize the curb appeal and beauty of your garden and backyard areas in just a couple steps. With a few simple techniques, you’ll enjoy a space that feels brand new. Here are a couple of great tips to help you incorporate this material into your landscape.

Soften the Edges

The smaller size of gravel’s composition makes it perfect for softening the edges of paved or grass-lined walkways. Adding a smooth layer as a buffer between cement or pavers and grass creates depth and dimension to a classic landscape design. Landscape gravel works especially well for softening the look of yards with curved edges and gives paths paved with gravel an inviting allure.

Mix It Up

Another great idea for your yard is to mix it up by using larger stones to create visual interest in your open outdoor areas. By adding a unique design that features bigger rocks of varying size surrounded by the softness of gravel, you can enhance the visual appeal of seemingly ordinary spaces.

Gravel Cover in Gardens

Gravel can be used to cover in garden areas to create contrast with both lighter and darker rocks depending on the color scheme of your yard. A light layer over the soil surrounding flowers and plants adds dimension that causes them stand out. You can also use it as a border around garden areas, leaving the soil uncovered for a deeper, richer feel to your space.

The simplicity and versatility of gravel is perfect for accenting large and small areas that create a variety of visually pleasing designs. You can find great landscape rocks in Las Vegas, large and small, that will help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.