Spending more time at home has made us all take a hard look at those little missing details we breeze by all the time. The back (or front) yard is no exception! A few finishing touches can transform your outdoor living spaces into beautiful oases for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

Beautify Your Home by Personalizing Your Yard

We’ve all had a crash course on spending time at home recently. Making your home into your refuge – a beautiful place to relax and enjoy time with loved ones – is more important than ever before. Outdoor living spaces are an extension of your home, so why stop decorating at the doorframe? A few thoughtful touches, like a path of landscaping rocks and heirlooms as garden accent pieces, will make your yard and garden as cozy and unique as the interior of your house and, thus, beautify your home.

Setting the Stage to Beautify Your Home

Have you ever noticed how you can’t truly appreciate how nice your home looks until you’ve tidied up? Well, the same goes for your green spaces. Start by setting the stage with a few little details to perfect your yard. It doesn’t take much. Combined with trimmed and edged grass and a few simple landscape in rocks Las Vegas, homes can go from “meh” to “lovely!”

Accent With Heirlooms

As with interior design, the “wow” factor is in the details. That’s where your personal heirlooms come in. When choosing which pieces to put outdoors, consider what is weatherproof (or can be weatherproofed). Textures like glass, stone, metal and wood will look great outdoors. You can get some clear weatherproofing spray to coat the items before placing them outside to help prevent fading and weather damage. Decide where to place the items like you would a work of art inside your home. You want it to be somewhere you can see and enjoy it, and somewhere that accentuates other beautiful parts of your outdoor living spaces. Now kick back, and enjoy the view!