rock path in backyard las vegas

Flagstone Walkway

Las Vegas is known as for its beautiful environment. The look and design of the city is memorable to anyone visiting or relocating. For someone building a home, upgrading their current home, or maybe even for their business, they may be looking for outdoor landscaping ideas to stand out in the crowd. There are many choices in rocks and their placement to convey different designs and improve any landscape.


The color of the rocks you choose will set different tones for your landscaping. For example, a minimalist may prefer black lava rocks. Flat terracotta stones go best with a tropical landscape and are less formal. White marble chips are a great way to brighten up a darker area in your garden. To add warmth, try river rocks and beach pebbles.

Rock Garden

If you decide to go with a more exotic look, a rock garden is the perfect way to achieve this style. With the right sunny spot in your garden, you can set up a couple of small boulders in which you’ll surround with ground-level flowers. Then just fill in the spaces with smaller stones that are similar in color to the boulders.

Replace the Mulch

Since mulch has to be consistently replaced every season and is less durable, it’s a better investment to spend a little bit more on rocks for your outdoor area. With rocks, you even have the option to get a lighter color in order to add beautiful contrast against darker colored foliage.


Rocks are a great way to make areas more clean and uniform. One great way to add a border is around your ponds to hide your pond liners and contrast the dark water. Make sure to use large rocks that are irregular in shape and color so that it looks more natural.


Adding a centerpiece to your landscape is a great way to give the area a focal point and visually enhance your landscaping. You could try an ornamental shrub but this could become too large, while a rock centerpiece is low maintenance and enhances a monotonous border area.

Stepping Stone Path

A popular choice for landscaping rock in Las Vegas is creating a stepping stone path. This is great when are trying to decide how to handle that shady area of the house, because there are no plants involved and the stones will keep your shoes clean.

While many people trying to update their landscaping, or even first attempt landscaping, may consider a few aspects of the design they like, they might not realize the importance of choosing the right colors, choosing a focus point, and that rocks are likely the better choice of mulch. Landscaping rock in Las Vegas is an increasingly popular choice and there are many ways to make your landscaping practical and beautiful.