Create Mosaic Designs for Your Patio Floors With Plaza Pavers

Traditionally, you’ll see Plaza pavers laid out in a woven or I-shaped pattern with the different colors arranged randomly. That placement brings an interesting texture and pattern to your patio floor, but using the pavers as if they were mosaic tiles lets you create a unique, different look.

Planning Mosaic Designs With Plaza Pavers

Planning your unique designs for your patio floor first will make the installation faster. You can get a head start by drawing your inspiration from ancient Greece or Rome, the Far East, the Middle East, Africa, Scandinavia, Celtic designs, Native American patterns, Hispanic influences, quilt squares, or art movements like op art. Choose a style that complements the architecture of your house and your interior décor so that your indoor and outdoor living spaces flow into each other.

Once you’ve settled on a style, you can follow a classic motif for a border, such as the Greek key, the Celtic knot, or a traditional motif from the style that has inspired you. You can base your mosaic design on a traditional motif but add your own unique touches. For example, you could combine styles to reflect your ancestral heritage.

A Classic Mosaic for Your Patio Floor

A classic mosaic would start with a border. The border might be a single band, or it might be several bands of different colors. You could also start with a single band around the outer edge of your patio floor and then add a border resembling a square mosaic tile with a diamond or star at its center.

Drawing Your Planned Mosaic Design

Use graph paper to layout the design for your floor from the border to the center image. The center image could be something as simple a monogram, an enlarged version of the mosaic tile design you created for your border, an overall design of squares or diamonds of dark and light pavers, or an enlarged version of a cultural motif such as a Native America firebird or squash blossom.

You could use a quilt pattern such as the flying geese, the Texas star, or one of the variations on the drunkard’s path as an overall pattern.

For an even more unique design, you could use Plaza pavers from two or more color sets to create an actual image. As with choosing images for needlework or other craft projects, though, reducing details and simplifying the image will not only make it easier to create but also make it clearer to viewers.

If you would like to add a look of depth to your mosaic floor, use lighter colors for the center and darker ones for the border. The lighter center will appear to recede into the frame of the border.

For a consultation on creating mosaic designs for your patio floor using pavers in Las Vegas, contact a company that specializes in landscape rocks.