If you have a handful of leftover decorative rocks that are sized between a plum and a cantaloupe, try these great ideas to make the most of your beautiful excess rock.

Three Creative Ways to Use Your Leftover Decorative Landscaping Rocks

When you order a load of decorative rock in Las Vegas, you may have a few leftover that do not fit into your designated landscaping areas. Rather than overcrowding your yard or tossing out these beautiful stones, you can put them to use in and around your home. Keep these three fun ideas in mind for your leftover rocks.

Flower Pots and Shoe Trays

Consider using the decorative rocks to fill the bottom of the flowerpots or planters on your front porch. Placing a layer of stones at the bottom of these containers promotes healthy drainage and root development for annual and perennial flowers. If you do not have flowers on your porch, consider constructing shoe trays. A layer of the rocks on the bottom of a shallow tray allows water to drain away from your shoes. Use a plastic material so you can wash the tray as needed.


If you have one or two medium-sized decorative rocks leftover, use them as doorstops. A doorstop is helpful when you are moving items into and out of your home. If you are having a party and need to prop the door open for your guests, the decorative rock will keep the door from slamming each time someone enters or exits your home.


Resurrect the pet rock fad of the 1970s and put your leftover decorative rock to use in arts and crafts. Rocks the size of your fist can be painted to look like an animal after gluing on googly eyes. This makes a great project for kids, too. If the rock has a flat side, consider painting a colorful mandala onto it. Your completed creations can be used as a book stop, paperweight or decoration on a shelf.