Find your work-life balance by creating an outdoor office space.

Tips for Creating an Outdoor Office

With so many people now working for home, many have had to scramble to create a working space somewhere in their house. Everything from the kitchen table to the couch became a de facto office space yet maybe not a very workable one. If you are now working out of your home and are tired of having work-related materials cluttering up your work-free spaces, then you may want to create an outdoor office. It’s always important that you find a work-life balance, especially when the line between the two is so blurred, so use the below tips about making your own outdoor office.

Outdoor Office Cover

The first thing you want to look for when creating your backyard office is shade. Obviously, you’re not going to want to be sitting outside in the sun for hours on end. Instead, pick a spot that is shaded by trees or an overhead covering. There are lots of portable umbrella and canopy options at your local home improvement store that can allow for the perfect amount of shade and light.

Stay Close

As you likely do most of your work on the computer, you are going to want a spot the is close enough to the house that you can still get a good Wi-Fi signal. If you’re not getting a strong signal, however, you can invest in a Wi-Fi signal booster or range extender that gives your signal a little more reach.

Outdoor Work Table

You’re also going to want to have a good, sturdy work table that can take the weight of your laptop and other files or materials you need to get work done. You may want to avoid table materials, such as metal, that can get hot outdoors, as it may not be very comfortable to burn your arms while you’re working.

Go All Out With a Stand-Alone Outdoor Office

If working from home will be your new normal from now on, then you may think about building a stand-alone outdoor office. Think a shed but with power, windows, and air conditioner! This way you can make sure that you are keeping your work and home life completely separate. When building your office, you can also add landscaping, such as artificial grass in Las Vegas, flowers, and other greenery.