Creative Ways to Use Boulder Rocks in Your Yard

Many different types of products or features can draw attention to specific areas of your yard when you want to create an attractive environment. From flower beds to fountains, homeowners have a variety of options to choose from when styling the space and creating a contemporary setting that looks like it’s maintained well. Here are a few creative ways to consider when using boulder and decorating the exterior property.

Add Walls

Landscape rocks in Las Vegas are ideal to use when you want to add walls to an incline or slope that is present. The rocks can break up the steep incline and will work as a decorative feature that also reduces the risk of landslides. The variety of shapes of the boulders will make the walls look more natural and interesting compared to using pre-cut stones. The walls can also increase the level of privacy that is enjoyed on the property to prevent neighbors or onlookers from getting a view of your yard.

Define Paths

Smaller boulders are ideal to use when you want to define specific paths in the yard, whether you’re creating a pathway that leads up to the house or the backyard. The boulders will direct and guide your guests or residents about where to walk while also contributing to the visual appeal of the space. Some people even use it as a way of enclosing flower beds or part of their yard to define specific areas.

Fill in Bare Areas

Consider filling in bare areas of the yard with the use of boulders that add a decorative element and also create contrast. The exterior of your home will look more natural and organic with boulders that are randomly placed between plants and flowers in the dirt or sod. They can also be placed near trees or to frame small rivers or fountains for natural beauty that is incorporated and doesn’t look manufactured.