Not everyone can live in a home that has a lawn filled with lush green grass and brightly colored flowers. You can, however, use natural stones and rocks to add a decorative touch.

How to Use Natural Stones and Rock as Outdoor Decorations

Many cities in the western and southwestern portion of the country receive little rainfall every year and suffer from high temperatures, which can make growing a lush lawn nearly impossible. Instead of using flowers that might die after a few weeks or months, take a look at some of the fun ways you can use natural stones and rocks as outdoor decorations.

Walkways and Patios

Making walkways and patios with natural stones and rocks is so easy that most landscape designers can finish the job in a single day or over the weekend. You might add a walkway that connects your front door to the driveway or a walkway that winds its way around your lawn. Landscape designers usually remove a portion of your grass and some of the soil beneath, apply water to moisten the ground and place the stones down. They can then use sand or another material to fill in any gaps that might exist. You can opt for a traditional square patio, a round patio or a more unique design.

Add a Decorative Touch

A decorative rock Las Vegas landscape company can help you find new ways to incorporate these rocks into your lawn design. Landscape rocks add some color to a small garden filled with plants that grow well in areas with limited water. If you want to create a bolder and more dramatic look, consider bringing in a few boulders. Natural stone boulders can make your driveway look more impressive, add some color to a dreary landscape or even give your children a place to hang out and play.

Who Needs Water?

Why waste water trying to keep plants alive in your yard? You can get the beautiful and decorative look that you want with rocks, boulders and stones. These stones come in all the soft colors that you want and let you create a brand new walkway or function as decorative accents.