Using flagstone rocks, you can go beyond the ordinary and create a true rock sanctuary for your home.

Flagstone Landscaping Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Value

Flagstone landscaping can greatly improve the resale value of your home. Especially in desert areas like Las Vegas where water is a much-needed resource, it makes sense to switch to an economical desert landscape. Decorative flagstone rocks can be incorporated using unique and innovative methods to boost your home’s appeal and value. Flagstone is an easy material to work with due to its thin, flat characteristics. Made from splitting sediment, flagstone is one of the most striking types of rock you can use to enhance your patio or garden. Many professionals recommend using flagstone to spruce up a patio, front yard or back yard, since flagstone offers a wide color palette and is suitable for a range of design projects.

Redesign Your Entrance

One of the great benefits of using flagstone in Las Vegas for your landscaping project is the low-maintenance characteristics of the stone. Flagstone is suitable for a wide range of projects from patios to siding, due in part to its lightweight nature. Line the entrance to your home with thin flagstone rocks and differentiate your home from other homes in your neighborhood. Use thicker flagstone rocks for the walkways and steps leading up to your home.

Color Varieties

Flagstone rocks come in a variety of colors, and you can choose the best color combination for your rock landscape project. Select a uniform color for use throughout your home, or choose complementary colors to create a natural effect. Whatever you decide, go with a color palette that matches your own personal style. Flagstone rocks come in a variety of colors, including red, pink, brown, orange, blue, gold and white.

Walkway Pattern Options

Rather than making a straight walkway leading away from your home, consider using the unique shape of flagstone rocks to twist and turn your way through a garden entrance. This is ideal for a backyard or gazebo where getting to the destination is not the goal but an entire experience. Designers often choose flagstone rock because of the unusual shapes that inspire creativity and evoke a natural cornering effect.