The Many Advantages of Gabion Walls

One of the hottest trends in fencing in 2019 is Gabion walls. Originally used about 7,000 years ago, this type of wall is making a major comeback. Modern Gabion walls are made from a series of wire cages filled with landscaping rocks.

What are Gabion Walls?

Gabion walls are large metal cages filled with rock. The cages are normally made of galvanized wire. If you need additional stability, then galvanized pipes or concrete columns can be inserted at equal distances along the wall. While the walls can be placed directly on hard ground, if you have sandy or soft soil, then you can lay a trench of concrete before starting your wall. While cages of varying sizes are available, those measuring six feet square are most common. Most are made with larger rocks along the outside walls and smaller walls in the middle.

Advantages of Gabion Walls

There are many advantages to Gabion walls. Since the wire cages can be filled with a variety of landscaping rocks, it is incredibly easy to coordinate the look with your environment. Since air can still get around the rocks, they are great for passive cooling in hot desert climates. Water will flow through these walls making them less likely to be washed away in a flood. These long-lasting walls are pliable, so they conform to most elevation changes. They are a great way to stop soil from eroding.

Other Uses for Gabion Cages

While many people choose to build Gabion walls, they can also be used in many other places in hardscaping. You can use the rock-filled cages to build chairs and other seats. You can also use them to build an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Where allowed, they can even be positioned along the ground to create a backyard stream or water feature.

If you are looking to add a new wall or hardscaping to your environment, consider building it with Gabion cages filled with landscape rock. You can find a variety of landscape rocks in Las Vegas, so it is easy to find one that matches your landscaping needs.