River pebbles are among the most beautiful and versatile types of landscape rock. They are available in several colors and can be polished or unpolished. Their smallness adds to their versatility. Here are a few decorative uses for river pebbles!

(1) Make a Fountain

water fountain

With a fountain kit, you can put together a lovely fountain using assorted colors of pebbles. These look great indoors or outdoors.

(2) Create A Man-Made Pond

small pond

A small man-made pond can do wonders for your landscape.

(3) Decorate Your Landscape

pebble path

Jars or pots filled with river pebbles make great accents for your yard. The best part is that they need no maintenance!

These are just three simple ways to use river pebbles. What other creative uses can you find? Contact us with your ideas!