If you want your Las Vegas property to look great, landscaping is a key concern. A few simple actions can make desert real estate look as amazing as any other high-end property in any other part of the country.

Two Great Ways to Make Las Vegas Properties Stand Out

In an urban desert environment like Las Vegas, it’s often a challenge to make a property’s landscaping stand out. Given the generic appearance of so many homes and businesses, many property owners don’t even bother with working on their curb appeal through outdoor renovations. The good news is that one can make their real estate truly memorable with just a few elements and a little creativity.

Lay down Some Native Flora

One of the best ways to differentiate your little patch of earth from the rest of the community is with some creative landscaping. The general idea is to choose native plants that look great, aren’t too common and don’t suck up too much water. If they provide shade, all the better. Good options include Curlleaf mountain mahogany, Balsam fir, Sand verbena and Nettleleaf giant hyssop.

Use Natural Stone to Set the Mood

Another excellent way to spruce up a desert property is with colored stone. Whether you’re partial to flagstones, landscape rocks, boulders or just simple paving stones, a tasteful selection of natural rock can really add flavor to any domicile or business. Fortunately, decorative rock in Las Vegas is easy to come by. Just be sure to pick shades that jive with your property’s color scheme.

A Desert Aesthetic that Delivers

As you can see, it’s not hard to turn a dull cookie-cutter property into a work of art if you think outside of the box a little. The combination of compatible local plants and eye-catching colored stones will make a home look classier and pricier overnight given the right selections. Experienced local landscapers and stone suppliers can advise you on the best ways to proceed.