Many homeowners have embraced the idea of using rocks and boulders to enhance the appearance of their flower beds as well as pathways in their gardens.

Types of Rocks Used for Landscaping Flower Beds

Rocks are some of the most common features in landscaping. Many people use rocks and boulders to decorate the focal points in their gardens. There are different types of rocks and boulders that you can use in your garden.

Granite Rocks

Granite is an igneous rock formed by volcanic emissions. It contains hornblende minerals, quartz, mica, and feldspar. This rock has visible grains that may be of different colors depending on the chemical composition of the magma that formed them. Granite rocks are among the most common types of construction materials for interior and exterior spaces. This type of rock comes in a wide range of fascinating colors, sizes, and shapes and can help enhance the look of gardens and pathways.

Basalt Rocks

Basalt is an igneous rock that develops on the exterior of a volcano from magma flows. The rock contains various mineral components including plagioclase, olivine, and pyroxene. In addition, basalt rock has an attractive texture with tiny holes and can make beautiful centerpieces in any garden or backyard.

Scoria Rocks

Scoria rock develops from intense volcanic activity. It is an igneous rock with distinct holes on its surface. The holes are created when lava explodes from the volcano releasing gas. Scoria is a popular landscaping rock because of its intense color when oxidized (reddish brown), unique texture, and hardness. It is often referred to as lava rock.

Slate Rocks

Slate forms from shale under extremely high pressure and temperature. It is a metamorphic rock that can break along its fractures allowing it to be split into sheets. Slate sheets make beautiful garden flower bed rocks.

Pumice Rocks

Pumice rocks also develop from intense volcanic emissions. Froth is formed as gasses from the magma spread out and create foam on the cooling lava. The rock cools and traps gas bubbles. The igneous rock can be created from magma with diverse components and colors. It is a popular landscaping rock because of its beautiful colors and unique texture.

Sandstone Rocks

It is a residue rock created from quartz sand grains. Sandstone comes in a wide range of colors and layered patterns.

Landscaping rocks and boulders can easily enhance the look of your garden or backyard. You can find a wide range of landscaping rocks and boulders in Las Vegas.