4 Reasons to Replace Mulch With Rocks

There are several areas in your landscaping where you may want to consider using landscaping rocks. They often make a lovely top dressing to flower beds. Additionally, they can be added around new shrubs and trees to help protect them. If you normally use mulch for these areas, then there are many advantages to choosing landscape rocks instead.

Low Maintenance

While you may have to work a little harder to place rocks in the first place, they will remain in place for years. Generally, if you choose to mulch, then it has to be replaced twice annually. In fact, many homeowners save up to $1,000 in their lifetimes using rock instead of mulch.

Wind Resistant

One of the reasons that mulch must be replaced regularly is that it blows away when there is a strong wind. On the other hand, roc usually stays firmly in place. Additionally, when mulch blows away, it often takes topsoil with it that plants need to thrive.


Rock is usually fireproof. In fact, it may help protect plants during a fire because flames will often not jump across rocks to get to them. In fact, in a study conducted by the University of California Extension Service, it was found that mulch was highly combustible. Therefore, they recommend that it not be used within five feet of any structure. The study found that even in flowerbeds equipped with drip irrigation, mulch would still smolder before eventually bursting into flame.

Color Choices

Rocks are available in a variety of colors ranging from light pink to gray. Therefore, it is easy to find one that coordinates with the color scheme of your flowerbeds and other landscaping. Mulch is usually limited to a few color choices.

There are many different reasons that rocks are better for flowerbeds, around trees and in other areas where you may be currently using mulch. Consider making the switch today.