Landscaping Shared Community Spaces

Although the fundamentals may be the same, landscaping a community space that is shared by different people and families is more challenging than landscaping a space that is totally your own. Yet, the key to creating a community is making sure that you are inviting people in and that everyone can find the space useful. To help you landscape your community space, we’ve put together several ideas about how you can transform shared community spaces into something unique, fun, and valuable.

Gardening Within a Community Spaces

One of the best ways to truly create a community space that everyone can enjoy and be a part of is creating a community garden. Depending on the space you have, you can either design an in-ground garden or if you have limited space, a boxed garden (for example, if you have a rooftop space that needs some landscaping). The great thing about community gardens is that you can assign spaces to different residents or community members to take care of on their own, which offers some ownership over the space. Think about planting a vegetable garden so that everyone can share what they’ve grown.

Outdoor Kitchen

Now that you have an amazing shared community garden, why not take the next step and build an equally amazing outdoor kitchen? This might be a more involved project, but you can think about adding things like a grill, an outdoor pizza oven, or even a fire pit. Also, don’t forget to add tables and seating so that you can sit down and enjoy a nice meal with your community members.

Walking Trails

If you have a lot of space, you will be able to create walking or hiking trails within your shared space. This is an awesome way to use what is already there for a great purpose: exercise! For this type of project, all you need are some pavers in Las Vegas, stones, or another type of material that can be used to design a pathway.