Being environmentally conscious doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice a beautiful garden. Alternative ground covers like rocks and pebbles are beautiful and better for the environment than grass lawns. The use of this type of outdoor decoration is called xeriscaping.

Decorative Rocks for a Greener World

In today’s environmentally conscious world, there’s a lot of media coverage about water conservation, especially during gardening season. Lush green lawns and verdant landscapes are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to high water usage. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up a beautiful garden to conserve water. With the rising importance of water conservation, savvy gardeners have also seen a rise in the popularity of xeriscaping and other water saving techniques to craft an elegant and environmentally friendly landscape.

What Is Xeriscaping?

Derived from a Greek word meaning “dry,” xeriscaping is a form of sustainable gardening that relies on selecting plants that can grow happily with the water resources that are naturally available to them, which cuts down on the need for water and keeps your yard looking green, beautiful and sprinkler-free. Because the best plants for the job vary from climate to climate, xeriscaping is different in every region. However, no matter what region you are in, a decorative landscape built with rocks provides a stunning and unique alternative to thirsty lawns.

Rock On, Rock Garden

With global attention on the importance of saving water, many hobbyist gardeners and professional landscapers alike are turning to the creative design challenge of constructing beautiful rock gardens to replace high maintenance lawns. Landscape rocks are easy to purchase in bulk, and come in a huge variety of colors and textures. The vast selection available to you means that you can incorporate creative and colorful design schemes and visual patterns that are even more appealing and eye catching than the bland blank slate of a traditional lawn. Rethink your idea of what makes a beautiful garden and consider a stunning and environmentally friendly ground cover of decorative rocks.