Gardens and landscapes gain fresh appeal when they contain natural elements like rocks and boulders. Ideas for landscaping with rocks take advantage of the visual heft and form of the materials to enrich the garden with depth and dimension.


rock landscapingphoto credit: The Consortium via photopin cc

The effects of using rocks in landscaping can be either subtle or dramatic. Three rocks of varying sizes grouped together at the corner of a patio instantly makes the space feel more natural and inviting. A water feature framed with rocks creates a striking focal point. In the garden, rocks are a versatile material that complements both formal and informal settings.


rock landscapephoto credit: Jay@MorphoLA via photopin cc

A border of rocks arranged in a semi-circle is ideal for drawing attention to a specimen planting. Rock borders help keep invasive plants at bay and control weeds as well. Scattered in a random pattern on a sloping hillside, rocks gives the landscape the look of an alpine garden. Versatile, durable and natural, rocks can add distinction to any landscape.


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