There are many elements involved in creating and maintaining beautiful curb appeal. With a little effort and intentional planning, you can develop curb appeal that’s the envy of your neighbors.

How to Become Intentional with Your Home’s Curb Appeal

While many people focus on the inside of the home and creating beauty indoors, first impressions are lasting impressions. The first impression a person gets of your home involves when they first drive on the lot. It’s nice to drive up to the most beautiful lot in the neighborhood and know that it belongs to you. To experience this type of joy isn’t far-fetched. With a little intention and some sweat equity, you can create a landscape you can be proud of.

Flowers, Plants and Greenery

This part can be as easy or difficult as you want. If you’d prefer to plant flowers directly into the ground, this will take time and maintenance. Tulips are great for the spring and hydrangeas are lovely in the summer time. Perennials work for all seasons except winter. If you prefer potted plants, this is an easy route that can be completed seasonally. The upkeep with shrubs and bushes only involves trimming to keep them orderly and well-kept. Flowers are a great way to add pops of color and flair.

Lights, Walkways and Accessories

Once you’ve figured out where tulips, hydrangeas and bushes will go, it’s important to highlight and accessorize. A walkway from where the driveway to the front door is important. You don’t want people to walk needlessly on the grass. Walkways are fun to customize with your choice of rock. Choose decorative rock in Las Vegas in colors like Copper Rose and Pink Sandstone. Add lights to the sides of the walkway for the times when guests are walking during the evening. It’s a great finishing touch to add.

Putting in the Work

Creating beautiful curb appeal can actually be a lot of fun. The maintenance with landscaping isn’t intense either. Regular maintenance simply involves water the grass and making sure it stays low. Watering the grass can be completed with automatic water sprinklers. Cutting the grass is a task that’s easy to hire out or complete once every two weeks. It doesn’t take much, but the impact of a beautiful lawn is truly powerful.