Water restrictions and a dry climate make landscaping tough in Las Vegas. Painting rock to use in your yard is an affordable and creative solution.

Beautiful Las Vegas Yards are Possible with Decorative Rock

The dry weather of Las Vegas makes planting a yard or garden a special challenge. Nevada also imposes water use restrictions, making many residents turn to artificial turf. For a more affordable but still beautiful option, choose decorative rock to turn your yard into a masterpiece.

How to Make Your Rocks Stand Out

When you think of decorating with rock, you may only imagine paved walkways and rock rimmed ponds. With a little creativity, though, you can make your yard stand out. A splash of paint on your rocks adds color and intrigue to an otherwise bland landscape. The only limitation to how you can paint your rocks is your imagination. You can paint designs, solid colors, letters, numbers or make the rocks look like ladybugs and other garden creatures. To continue the look on your interior, you can use rocks as decor pretty much anywhere in your house.

Special Considerations for Painting Rock

Before you start your rock painting project, remember that these rocks will stay outside year round. Choose a paint that is designed to last outside for the best coverage and minimum of chipping or fading. You may also need to cover them with a clear sealer to further protect them. Even then, one of the best things about painting rock is that it doesn’t have to last forever. If you desire a new look in a few years, you can re-paint them.

Save Money and Be Creative with Rock Landscaping

Don’t think you can’t have a pretty yard in the dry climate of Las Vegas. Using decorative rock will enhance the look of your property and there are thousands of combinations to satisfy any personal style. Rocks are affordable, easily moved and able to be customized with paint. Save yourself some cash and help the environment by using less water when you use decorative rock in your Las Vegas yard.