3 Las Vegas Pavers Types Available for Exterior Flooring

Asphalt and concrete are commonly used for a home’s exterior flooring. If you drive through your neighborhood, you will notice that most driveways and walkways are smooth and grey. Pavers in Las Vegas offer an attractive alternative material and it is available in a variety of shapes and colors.

Here are three types of pavers to consider.

Holland Pavers

Holland pavers is a stone that is reminiscent of the Old World’s charm. The stones are available in an array of shades. Therefore, you have the opportunity to create different designs with the rectangular stones. You can stick with one tone, or you can mix and match the varying shades. Really, the sky is the limit, and if you desire, Las Vegas pavers can offer some ideas.

Kobble Pavers

Kobble pavers are pavers that can be purchased as an alternative to asphalt and concrete for the exterior flooring of your home. Kobble pavers, like Holland pavers, are rectangular in shape. They can be found in varying shades, too. When they are installed, you have the option to only use one shade across the floor, or you can get creative and take a more artistic approach. Las Vegas pavers have helped clients design unique patterns according to the current theme of their home.

Acker-Stone Pavers

Acker-Stone pavers have become a popular stone that more customers are purchasing. Each paver interlocks and is available by the pallet. They are great for sidewalks and backyard patios. Customers can create a linear look, or they can opt for a mix and match design.

With pavers, because their shades vary, homeowner’s have the opportunity to create a new theme for their property. Instead of the normal asphalt and concrete grey, a driveway can be given some personality. Additionally, Las Vegas pavers are ready to consult on projects as well as build complementary walls and borders.