Landscape Rocks to Improve a Sloping Garden

If you have a hilly front or backyard, you have a great opportunity to create a magical garden. With the many kinds of landscape rocks Las Vegas has to offer, you can create special sitting areas and contained gardens through terraces.

Types of Terraces

Terracing is a way to create tiers in a sloping garden. Small retainer walls are built in strategic places to stop erosion. These create small spaces where you can plant flowers, vegetables or create sitting areas.

These landscaping ideas do not fight the hills, they work with them. Flagstone, Arizona river rick, pavers and boulders can be used to create the style of terracing you want. For example, pavers may be best if you want a symmetrical, well-organized garden. River rocks or boulders may be better if you want a natural-looking wooded area.

Other Hardscapes for Sloped Gardens

Along with a terrace or two, you can add other hardscapes to enhance your backyard. These include:

Staircases – made from stone or pavers to look neat or natural

Waterfalls – to create a cool, relaxing ambiance

Fire pit – on a hilly spot a fire pit is a nice addition to a look-out seating arrangement

Raised garden beds – for planting flowers and veggies

Boulders and shrubs – for a natural-looking cliff

Any combination of the above will result in an additional living space for your home. For example, a staircase to a lower level where you have a barbecue grill and picnic table or a contained terrace you fill with sand and a swing as a play area for children.

Let the Landscaping Rocks Match Your Style

Before selecting the types of rocks you want to landscape your sloping garden, you should decide the style of backyard you want. Do you want to create a play area for children, a look-out point for relaxing, a natural-looking forest or any other idea you may have? Then choose your Las Vegas landscaping stones to enhance the design.